I was born on Jan 10, 1993 in Tychy and I live there with my husband and my four-year-old daughter Sara. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Silesian University. Since 2015 I’m a Master of Law. And above all else, I am a sportsman…

My sport adventure had begun at the age of six in Sport Primary School No.19 in Tychy. Then, I attended the School of Sports Championship in Krakow. Altogether, I was swimming for eleven years. My swimming pool trainings lasted about 6 hours almost every day. The effects of work include Silesia Championship, a medal in the 800 meters at the Polish Championships in addition to multiple victories and podiums in numerous International Meetings and competitions.

Reflecting on my future, I decided to study law at the Faculty of Law and Administration. In 2015 I graduated with a master’s degree in Law from the Silesia University. On November 30, I gave birth to my wonderful daughter Sara and it was that moment when the next stage of my sports life has immediately begun.

Bikini Fitness is a mild category of bodybuilding however still demands hard work, discipline, and a nutrition regime. When I started my training to slim down a􀁛er pregnancy, right away I knew that I want to be the best at it.

After 4 years full of sacrifices, I became the Polish Champion in Bikini Fitness and the Polish Fit Model World Cup winner. I was honoured twice to represent our country at the European Championships.

Following the development of social media, I set up a profile on Instagram. Healthy lifestyle, sport, motivation and of course my family – these four areas I consistently show to this day. For four years I have gained over 95,000 followers. My profile is viewed 5 to 8 million times per week. Besides, in connection with my newly minted passion, challenge and love, the number will be increasing.


To continue my sport pathway in bodybuilding at the international arena, I would have had to reconcile with almost irreversible changes in my appearance.

The deep analysis of my physical predispositions, primarily from many years of my swimming training, in June 2019 made me ready to embark on a great adventure. I wish to win other medals and trophies on the most significant triathlon events. I want to be the best and with my family full support, I will devote this discipline for the upcoming years. I have a huge humility, but definitely much more determination for the hard work I have started and which I want to be continued.


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